The Skeptic in Me

I think everyone is a skeptic from time to time. We often find ourselves in situations asking ourselves “is this is too good to be true?” or “there is no way this is real” and on and on. I think as a society we have a hard time accepting things that can’t be proven or seem unreal.  Maybe we are pessimistic and can not allow ourselves to believe in something or accept something we can’t explain. Sometimes it is a matter of believing in yourself or allowing yourself to have good things happen or allow yourself to just accept things to be true. It may be a matter of accepting something that is not considered”normal” to society. There are situations that a little skepticism is good so that you are aware of something that is not good for you or putting yourself in a dangerous situation. I do believe that skepticism can also be self-doubt or fear that is within yourself that needs to be addressed.

As I have stated in previous posts, this blog is intended to help me progress spiritually and become a better medium so that I can better help people. I named this blog “The Skeptic Medium” for a few different reasons. One is that it is whimsical as a play on words. There are those that are skeptic of mediums so I played on it a bit by turning it around that I am skeptic of myself as a medium.

I say that I am skeptic. I mean it more in the fear of failure and the doubt in my abilities.  I am a Type A personality and am afraid to fail or be wrong. I think to myself “What if the information I receive is not right. What if I don’t understand the meaning of it? What if people think I am not good at this. What if people think I am a hoax?” These questions go on and on to the point that I begin to doubt myself and then make up excuses that prevent me from embracing this gift that I was given.  It stops me from pursuing this as a job. Why give up the 9-5 paying job to do this if I can’t do it? All this energy I place in being skeptic of myself could have been used helping people.

I have had meditations and readings for people with some strange images or sayings and when they are validated I feel pretty good. The validation is awesome because then I know that I don’t always have to understand what I receive or the meaning of it as the people I am reading for understand it.  When I do a reading for someone and they are moved by what I tell them and feel better it makes me feel fantastic. Then I forget about the fear of failure or the skepticism in myself , until the next reading 🙂 I have had amazing experiences delivering the messages and am blown away by people’s reactions. It is just a wonderful gift and I know now is the time to really use it. I know that I will develop my gift more and more by using it. I have many supporters of me that are pushing me to continue moving forward and to do this professionally. I have to say that if they believe in me so much then I need to believe in myself.

I have recently been thinking about this a lot. I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop being skeptic of myself and stop putting pressure on myself and stop being fearful of failure. I do not have to worry, spirit will do the work. I do not have to try to figure out what the message is, I only have to deliver to the living the messages in the way the passed souls tell me.  I don’t have to be “right” as sometimes the messages do not make sense to the person I am reading at that time, but down the road it will.  I have had readings done on me where I concentrate so hard on a few things that don’t make sense and then after some time passes all of a sudden some of these things are realized. It is amazing because you are like “Whoa, wait, remember when she told me that?” So if I experience that, then I know if I deliver a message that does not make sense to someone it probably will eventually. I think that the more I believe in myself, the better medium I will be and that is exciting.

Finally, I can not allow fear to prevent me from doing something that I feel will make my life full.  I will start slow and build my business in the way that I feel is best for me. This journey is going to make me stronger and rid my baggage of self-doubt, fear and skepticism. I can’t wait to be free of it and enjoy my gift and be rewarded with the comfort that I will be able to give others.


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