My name is Tammi and I am starting this blog as a personal journey for spiritual growth, stress free life and becoming a balanced person of body and mind. I am embarking on a journey to clear my mind so that I may pursue my career as a Medium.  I enjoy sharing my gift with others, and I feel by balancing myself that I can do this even better.  I also am hoping to help others feel more balanced and less stressed as well.

I am inviting you along for the ride and look forward to any comments you would like to leave. I hope you enjoy my posts. I am excited to see where this road goes and I can not wait to see what I learn along the way.


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    • Thank you! I appreciate the comment and your interest. Great question! I generally like to connect with spirit through meditation but when spirit wants to come through it does whether I am meditating or not :))

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      • It has been an interesting journey for sure. It is forever a learning experience and messages have come to me in so many different forms. The more readings and meditations that I do, I learn more and more. Every situation is different and the spirits are all different types of personalities. If I receive messages while I am not meditating, I usually say thank you in my mind but I am not real comfortable approaching strangers out of the blue. I guess you could say I ignore passing it along but I do acknowledge the spirit and tell them why I can’t deliver their message. I do feel bad afterword but I don’t know if the person is open to it or if they would think I am crazy lol! One time I was at lunch with my friend and one of her friends came through quite persistent and I did not know this person. I was comfortable telling my friend the messages and she was very comforted by it. I did feel great passing it along. The goal of my blog and personal journal is to continue to grow as a medium, have a career doing something I love to do and spiritual growth. Thank you for your interest 🙂 – it is a special gift and I love having it.

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      • Thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed explanantion. I understand what you mean about feeling uncomfortable about passing messages on as you don’t know if the person will think you are crazy! I was in a similar situation (I’m not a medium) where my hairdresser passed on a message to me. I had not the faintest inkling that she had the “gift”. I had been a customer for many years, so it came as a surprise. It was about 4 years after my mother had died, and this particular day, I went to have my hair done. My hairdresser went all sort of funny, and when I asked her what was wrong she reluctantly told me that two people were standing beside me. She then told me a lot of things that were absolutely spot on and very accurate. It was a strange but wonderful day. It seems as if my mum was seeing all the things that had happened to me since her death and was “taking care” of me. I am fascinated by this aspect of life. I would love to ask you loads of questions, but this probably is not the place for it, so I’ll have to be satisfied by what I know. Best wishes with your spiritual growth, 🙂

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      • That is wonderful that you were able to experience that day with your hairdresser. It is so comforting to know that your mum is around and not missing out on the things that are going on in your life. It is a fascinating and incredible experience to have that “moment”. After having that experience, it does make you yearn to learn more. It is an amazing and comforting thing. I appreciate your well wishes on my spiritual growth and I wish you the same. If you would like to talk to me further or ask me questions please feel free to email me. I have enjoyed our “conversation” :))

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      • I will definitely be in touch! Just need to formulate some questions to ask you all at one time, so that it doesn’t seem as if I’m pestering you, everytime I think of a question. I’m enjoying our “conversation” too! :))

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      • I couldn’t see an email/contact information on your “about” page. Do you mean, by emailing, just to ask you questions on your blog? If so, I will. If not, do you have an email address please? 🙂


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