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I have not been here for over a year. I had great intentions last year to go on a personal journey to enrich and enlighten my life. I wanted to have a place to go where I could escape the day-to-day and work on my spiritual side to allow the day-to-day to become happier and lighter and remove the stresses of the day-to-day. Well…the day-to-day got the best of me.   “Life Happens” as they say.  It was a busy year full of some scares, stresses but also a lot of joy!  I would not trade it – our joys filled us with love and appreciation. Then, it was back to day-to day and a bit of fear on my end of pursuing my dreams.

Day-to Day  is getting in my way. The mundane becomes a way of life and a hamster wheel. Change is harder to do as the hamster wheel does not allow me to get off and try.  Fear of the unknown and change keeps me on the wheel. Knowing what I have and the “sure” thing stops me from the “new ” things. My fear is holding me back and the security of things I once felt were part of my fear of moving forward are beginning to waive.  I had stability in a job that made me afraid to walk away to pursue another career.  I was told to start small and then walk away-this makes sense to me , however day-to-day comes back to haunt me every time. I get caught up in the mundane, put my dreams on the back burner, thoughts that someday I can pursue them.  When does that day come when am I going to be forced to give it a try to start small and grow. Today is the day!

My plan to turn the day-to-day into a spectacular day-after-day is to start my “new” path one day at a time.  I always say “I need to …” but today is the day for me to say “I will…” I will blog my thoughts to encourage me to move forward. I will carve out a small portion of the day that is dedicated to me and me alone! I will set forth my plan and my goals and with the help of my family and friends I will become what I dream of.  My day-to-day will no longer be mundane, but it will become a day-to-day of joy and fulfillment!


Through the eyes of a child…

On my journey of the “new me”, I would like to address the hustle and bustle and not slowing down and really living life.  We get so busy having to go here, do this, clean this, fix this, etc, that we don’t stop and look around and see the beauty around us.  I for one feel like I am on a hamster wheel with no way off and I need to change this.  People will say “Live each day as if it is your last.” – this does make sense as we would really make each day great.

I was watching my grandson this weekend and I must say that I really thought a lot about what I am missing out on.  He is almost 14 months old and he has always been very observant but I have noticed lately that when he is looking around that he is really taking it all in.  He looks at things in awe and bright-eyed.  It appears he looks at every single detail. When you talk to him, he looks right at you and smiles.  We can learn a lot from children.  Their excitement over the smallest things and how easily they are to please.

As adults, we lose that feeling of wonderment and rush to get things done.  As adults, we feel pressures and stresses and sometimes miss out on fun. It would be great to take 5 minutes a day to really look around and notice the beauty of the sky, the flowers, buildings, people, animals or whatever there is and appreciate the things we have.

Watching my grandson develop and learn new things has been a joy for me and an eye opener as well.  He gets so excited when he does new things and laughs and is so proud of himself.  He looks to see that you are in fact watching his new feats and smiles at you when he sees you are indeed paying attention to him.

Watching life through the eyes of a child has really put things into perspective for this journey of mine. Now is the time to slow down and appreciate life.  I will begin to see things as if it was the first time, try new things and laugh.  It is time to bring out the child in me and have some fun!  Thank you to my beautiful grandson for reminding me of the joys of life.