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Dream Reader

Good evening!  I am enrolled in the Blogging 101 course through wordpress.com and my assignment today is to address my blog post to my dream reader and also to embed an item into my post. I hope you enjoy my entry.

I set out on this journey to reach out and help you through this difficult time in your life.  It is hard to lose someone we love, and it seems like we just can’t figure out how to live without them.  The pain is unbearable.  Everyone always wishes for just one more day with them.                                                                                                                                                                            [youtube.com=http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UWx-shGM0g]

We feel bad that they cannot be here to watch us go through special times such as graduation, marriage, birth of children etc.  One thing you need to know is they are here and witnessing these things, guiding us and protecting us.

Sometimes we need closure to their passing.  Some of us feel like we did not have a chance to say goodbye, or our last words were an argument.  Maybe we did not say “I Love YOU” or we took them for granted. We want to know they are ok and to tell them we miss them and wish they were here.  We believe everyone will always be here and we just live our lives expecting them to be around. Some feel they did not appreciate what they had until it is gone.

In the big realm of life, everyone has arguments, don’t always say “I Love You”, and we all get “caught up” in our lives and take things for granted and that is how it is. When our loved ones cross over to the other site they see things differently than when they are in the physical world.  Everything is forgiven, they know we love them and they hear us say goodbye if they were unconscious. They do not want us to feel guilty or carry burdens.  If by chance you were hurt by someone who has passed, they take responsibility for their actions on the other side and this should give you the peace that you may be looking for.

So, we don’t need “one more day” to connect with those we have lost.  All you need to do is talk to them, they hear you.  Be aware of things around you, maybe it is a  thought of them, a song, a movie , sense of their presence, smell of cologne or cigar etc. Whenever you have a thought of them, it is a sign that they are with you at that moment. Take comfort knowing you are not alone and that they are not “missing out” on your life.  We feel cheated as they are not here with us in the physical world but we should be happy knowing that they are here with us. Isn’t that fantastic?!

As a medium, I have delivered many comforting messages to people and it makes me feel so good that I can help them. Tears are shed- but it is cathartic and people feel better after their reading.

My message to my dream reader is to take comfort in knowing your loved ones are around and talk to them.  Moving forward, everyday is special and should not be taken for granted as life is short. It is hard sometimes as we get busy and bogged down with stress and hectic living. Try to live life with no regrets and settle feuds and tell the ones you care about that you love them. I hope my blog can give you comfort and also help you to be positive, happy, stress free and live in the moment!  By sharing my blog with you it is helping me do the same. Thank you.


Mental Challenge

Today I am going to set out my plan to mentally clear out my head.  I have so many thoughts going through my head ( worry about the kids, worry of financial security, worry if bills are paid, worry of expense of redecorating home, losing weight, and so on and so on).

Here is where the Prayer of Serenity comes into play.  I am sure many are familiar with this prayer or has heard it at one time or another.  I feel like it is so simple but yet so true and really an easy way to live.  So many things are beyond are control and clutter our minds and stress us out that we do need to let the things we can’t change go. If we can’t change them, then why stress about it?  Once again, an easier said than done thing,  I need to concentrate and put my energy into things that I can change and that will make a difference in my life.  In case you are not familiar to the prayer, here it is:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;                                                                                                               Courage to change the things I can;                                                                                                                                                   And wisdom to know the difference.

I feel that if I can say this every morning and put these words into actions, the things that stress me out and that I have no control over will be removed; and I can concentrate on the things I can change. Exercise is my second defense of stress relief.  I  feel so good when I exercise and it clears my mind.  Meditation is also a form of stress relief.  As you can see, my new commitment continues to reinforce my goals of this new stress free life.  Serenity and peace sounds fantastic! Join me on this assignment and see where it takes you!