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Ready, Set, Go!!!

I have spent the last few days setting goals for myself, and now it is time to put them into action. I began my day with my serenity prayer and then am doing my meditation and my Prayer of Jabez this evening before bed. I feel so excited and recharged already. I am focused on my journey and will not let things distract me or veer me off my path.

I read a chapter in my Florence Scovel Shinn book and the lesson that I read was about tearing the wall down that is preventing people from being successful. She talks about things that we do and believe about ourselves that prevents us from having things that we want in life.  It seems so fitting to read this first as I know that I prevent myself from having things by not believing that I should have it or making excuses or having negative thoughts or fear of failure. It is so easy to say “Why me?” or “Why does everything good happen for so and so?” “When do I get a break?” By continuing to have that type of attitude is only going to bring you more of the same.

Dear Universe – I will begin to change my way of thinking and begin to reap the benefits of believing in myself and allowing for good things to come my way.  I am in charge of tearing down my wall and having a clear path to everything I want!  This is definitely a great way to start the new year, the new me!